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Narendra tea Company

Narendra Tea Company

Narendra Tea Co. Pvt Ltd is a leading tea exporting firm situated in Kolkata, India, as part of the L.R.Group of tea companies, which has been established for 60 years. We are a manufacturer and exporter of high-quality tea and also a wholesale supplier. Presently, we are one of the leading tea exporters across the globe with decades of experience in the process of tea manufacturing and exporting. Our mission is to provide our esteemed clientele with the best products and services. As one of India’s top tea exporters and wholesale tea suppliers, we export and manufacture some of the best varieties of tea, including CTC Tea, Orthodox Tea, Green Tea, and White Tea.

Best Tea Manufacturers In India

The Best Tea Exporters, Tea Suppliers, & Tea Manufacturers In India

The Narendra Tea Company represent every aspect of the tea business including production, warehouse, wholesale, export, and retail branding of tea. We are the top tea manufacturer in North India. The Dooars-Terai Belt is home to the majority of our plantations.

As the leading tea manufacturer in India, we are committed to providing a good livelihood for our tea growers. Our primary vision is to offer the best tea and a healthier environment for everyone.

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Tea Export Unit At Falta

Our tea export operation is based in the Falta Special Economic Zone, near Kolkata. It’s a revolutionary tea mixing and packaging unit, with the most advanced tea sorting, mixing, and packaging technologies. It employs modern sorting and cleaning equipment to properly clean the tea leaves before blending and packaging. This setup is a GMP-compliant and ISO 22000:2018-certified facility.

The beauty behind the Scenes

Our Group Gardens

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Our Tea Gardens

The Narendra Tea Company is one of the top tea manufacturers, exporters, and wholesale suppliers in India growing our tea leaves with utmost care at our stunningly beautiful tea gardens. Check out the beauty that inspires us! Tea connoisseurs can count on our tea quality standards and cutting-edge technology to deliver the right blend every time.

Check our Tea Factories

NTC Group Factories

Our Group Tea Factories

Our facilities provide the highest-quality teas with a reputation for consistency. We operate on a low-investment, high-return business approach. We’ve progressed through time by consistently investing efforts to realise our maximum potential. Dealers and merchants interested in collaborating with us are welcome.

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Our Products

High-quality tea is a trigger for several ideas and conversations. Our tea production employs precisely picked and processed tea leaves to deliver the perfect flavour combination while focusing on quality. Learn how each sip of tea has an unparalleled flavour. Take a look!

Branding For Retail

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

As one of India’s premier tea manufacturers, we blend our enthusiasm with our profession to satisfy every taste bud in the country. We continually pay attention to packaging and ensure that our customers love it.

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ISO 22000 : 2018

We are an ISO 22000: 2018 certified firm. We bear certifications indicating that nothing in our tea production and manufacture is done incoherently.

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GMP Certified

This verifies that our products are produced consistently with quality standards in check.

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HACCP Certified

This is an international certification that denotes that our products are safe for consumption.

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FSSAI Certified

This verifies the maintenance of safety in our product manufacture and production.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Narendra Tea Company do?

The Narendra Tea company is India’s leading tea manufacturing, exporting and wholesale supplying organization. We have expertise in producing high-quality tea throughout the years. We have established tea gardens in some of India’s most scenic regions. Our tea plantations, located in the Dooars Belt, provide ideal growing conditions for tea. This belt has 13 of our manufacturing facilities. These units ensure that all of our teas are manufactured sustainably.

What is the association between Narendra Tea company and LR Group?

The Narendra Tea Company is a member of the LR Group, which has been in the tea industry for about 60 years and is known for producing high-quality tea. We have gained an understanding of the complexities of manufacturing high-quality tea. The LR Group has always been a trendsetter across the global tea industry. It is happy to assist us in all aspects of tea manufacturing beginning with planting, production, warehousing, wholesale, export, and retail packaging. The LR Group produces about 18 million kgs of tea every year. All of the tea estates are ISO 22000 certified and the tea factories strictly adhere to traditional tea producing processes.

What are your products and services?

Narendra Tea Company is one of the best tea manufacturers, top tea exporters and leading tea wholesalers in India. Our factories are primarily based out of Kolkata. Some of our bestselling products are CTC Tea, Orthodox Tea, Green Tea and White Tea leaves.

Which is the most exported tea from the Narendra Tea company?

The most exported product of the Narendra Tea Company consists of CTC and Orthodox Tea across middle eastern countries, Europe, Asia and Russia.

Do you also work with retailers?

At Narendra Tea Company we sell to our wholesaler partners only. However, if you are interested to collaborate with us, get in touch and leave a mail.

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